January 26, 2011

The passion of first love

ice cold heart We've all fallen in love at least once in a lifetime. I'm not talking first love as in your school teacher or some hero from a movie but requited passionate love between two individuals. It's like a fire, all you want is to be with that person and when you're not with the person you're thinking about the person. Your whole world revolves around that other person. Fortunately so, it doesn't last. Can you imagine spending your life according to some external object over which you have no precise control. It's such an ordeal controlling things inside oneself now another person..., it's mighty exhausting.
The reason why I'm pondering over the matter is because recently a book  found it's way into my hands and I happened to open it randomly and my eyes fell on these following words :

"The same goes for love. Why is it said that young love makes us completely blind? It doesn't listen to reason and it is stubborn and defiant. Try explaining away young love to lovers lost in its vice-like grasp. Use reason and logic and tell them it won't work, even a brick wall will appear compliant in comparison. Young love is almost always a folly; desperate love certainly always is. Try telling this to lovers in question and no words could sound more foolish to young ears.
But don't intervene. Allow the lovers to journey the course of their love; don't stop it. They will be blinded by it. The fury of love will consume them. They will emerge from it cured.
Once a person has been eaten by love, given his all to it, he will emerge from the flames a better human being; chastised and cured of it, ready to take on the challenge of life with an open heart. There is a new maturity. With it also comes a humility seasoned by the flames of love."- Rajendar Menen

After reading that, it made so much sense to me, I had a very strong feeling of "been there, done that". I just had to share it. To all those who haven't fallen madly in love yet, brace yourself it's surely gonna happen one day or the other, age is irrelevant in this matter, and to all those who have and been able to get out of it to build something much stronger than just passionate love, hats off to you. As for me, I'm just experimenting with life ;)

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