January 18, 2013

The Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi gives Indian mythology a new feel

I finally got my hands on a series of books I have pinned for a long long time. It made my Christmas  (I'm not a very Christmasy person)  really merry. Big thanks to my bro Julie.

The series in question is the Shiva Trilogy, which consists of three books (obviously, since it's a trilogy. duh!):
1. The Immortals of Meluha
2. The Secret of the Nagas
3. The Oath of the Vayuputras (released in March 2013)

The immortals of meluha book cover The secret of the nagas book cover The oath of the vayuputras book cover

The main protagonist is the much loved hindu deity Shiva, also known as the Destroyer (Brahma being the Creator and Vishnu the Sustainer, thus forming the Trinity, but this story is not about them but about Shiva so let's focus on that.) The author intelligently fished in the vast sea of gods and goddesses of the Hindu mythology. There's also Nandi, Shiva's bodyguard and companion; Sati, his love interest who then becomes his wife... Daksha, Kali...  He breathed life into them in the backdrop of the Indus Valley territory (makes me reminiscent of my Social Studies classes and gives it a whole new dimension).

I believe if I keep going, I could get unfairly accused of spoiling... so I'll just share a few of the quotes I collected from the books (yes, I do that) which made me stop and reflect.

"People do what their society rewards them to do. If the society rewards trust, people will be trusting."
-Amish Tripathi
The Immortals of Meluha

"It doesn't matter if the people that evil is being committed against don't fight back. It doesn't matter if the entire world chooses to look the other way. Always remember this. You don't live with the consequences of other people's actions. You live with the consequences of your own. "
-Amish Tripathi
The Secret of the Nagas

The first book will get made into a movie soon. Hopefully they are able to match to the grandeur of the cities and forests and characters etc etc... of our imagination (I'm saying our, but I really mean mine :D but I don't wanna sound too self focused.) I waited a long time to get the books and now waiting for the third one. I'd say it's worth a read, not two, but one definitely.

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