January 31, 2013

Dialogue: Letting go and moving on, one worrier to another

Today, after a long while I finally had the time to catch up with one of my best friends, Yashweena (aka Yash). It’s surprising how time takes a toll on us and we get caught up in life: work, colleagues, money, university, dissertation, exams, health, weight issues, home, boyfriends, other friends, boyfriends’ friends, family, siblings, distance (she’s in the UK and I’m in heavenly Mauritius). Yet somehow, we always find a way to always find each other again. Here’s an extract of my refreshing conversation with her about all these things.

Anjalee: Don’t let yourself get blown by these events. Be stable and remain positive else you’ll be submerged
Yash: Already feeling submerged right now T_T. I just feel so conflicted in so many areas in life; trying to sort them out is such a struggle.
Anjalee: It doesn't have to be.
Yash: emotionally mentally physically draining
Anjalee: you are trying to control too many things. Just let them be. Ani Kim told me yesterday
loads of things don’t work out in life. We just have to let go and move on, move on and on.
Yash: So hard to let go. How do you do it? O.O
Anjalee: It's hard. Specially when one is a worrier. I tell myself if I can’t do anything about it, my worrying will only add to the overall negative energy and make it worse. And every time I think of that situation I tell myself: it's temporary, it'll pass
Yash: Sounds like a good method. Lol, worrier incarnate although way way less than before
Anjalee: When you know things don’t last even if you need to remind yourself of that it takes away the fatality of the situation.
Yash: So true it does seem so end of the worldish when there is a problem which you can’t seem to deal with. Arigato. Feel a bit lighter.
Then we go on talking about other stuffs. I blogged about this because often we know things but we forget (I've been there so many times)or when in a situation it doesn’t cross our mind and we need to be reminded. Like this time I reminded Yash, and at countless other times she reminded me that we do have methods, ways to be almost at peace, no matter the situation even happier. Oh happiness, I have to blog about that one too... Soon. Until then…


  1. We always do find each other and that is what is so great about our friendship ^_^
    I think I have to come back to this post to remind me every once in a while of this super duper advice ^_^ ! It is so easy to get caught up in little things that you end up not seeing the bigger picture...You will be glad to hear I am applying it, stumbling a little but still getting there :)

  2. Hello.
    This might be off topic :P
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    Thanks :-)

  3. Great! Hope to see all bloggers' together for the next bloggers meeting. (Haven't planned anything yet).



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