December 1, 2012

Too much dairy for my own good

This is the story of how I almost got sick because of too much dairy.

It was a fine summer evening, the sun was setting and there was a light breeze.
I was heading to my humble abode after a long day at work. I met one of my best friends and we ended up ingesting an enormous amount of ice cream.

ice cream tiramisu 1L

I am personally not a great fan of dairy products specially if sugar is added. I just feel like milk is sweet enough as it is. And I don't like sweet stuffs much, not too sweet. It ruins the taste of things. I love desert though.

The only time I can tolerate milk is every morning, that also plain (just to ensure that I have enough calcium intake ) Not a fan of yogurt (unless it's very little and on top of a variety of fresh fruits) either nor any other form. I like cheese normally but again that depends on what. I like ice cream though, not chocolate ice-cream.

Love chocolate; love ice-cream but not the combination.
Chocolate ice-cream just tastes wrong. *Sigh* I am so full of oxymora.
Initially I wanted chocolate but here's what we got:

ice cream tiramisu avec pepites de chocolat
When I said I wanted ice-cream, I wanted a little ice-cream. So, the nice person that he is (not!), he challenged me to finish that gallon with him.
He loves milk by the way, knowing very well that I don't. The guy gets high just by hearing about milkshakes and that's an understatement. Now I'm not the
kind of person who says no to a challenge

ice cream tiramisu
At 18 03
Initially it was yummy. There was a slight taste of coffee with chocolate and nuts sprinkles.

Half way through... I had my dose... too much sugar, my brain was on "i don't want this anymore!" mode

At 18 16
Most of the ice cream had melted... all that remained was a kind of sauce comprising of milk and caramel. It just tasted wrong!

The bet was that the one who stops eating first or the one who can't get a spoonful last loses.

I didn't give up just on principle. I forced myself to eat until the last drop. Sad that I couldn't get a spoonful in the end and I lost.
I cannot speak of what the loser had to do... it would just be inappropriate.

It was horrible though. I still have the foul taste of caramel and the texture of condensed milk in my mouth as I blog about this.

I have to work out so much to burn all that off!

Note to self: think of that before accepting an eating challenge next time! Or just don't accept challenges!


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