November 11, 2012

Why we heart Adele

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But why do we love Adele?

Here are a few reasons why I think we love Adele:
  • The voice, THE VOICE, what other than that VOICE.  Those high notes she reaches give goosebumps and the huskiness...
  • The lyrics, for all of us, for at least one of her songs it feels like it's been written just for you. It's o.O mind boggling how accurate the feeling of that far far away long lost and forgotten love of one time  and her songs match. A bit over dramatic sometimes but lets face it, we've been there time and again, cried those tears, wiped them, cried again and moved on. Some of her songs help get the tears flowing, the earier they are out of your system the quicker you can move on.
  • She's real. It's actually refreshing to see a star of that caliber with some real curves, makes the rest of us mortals relate to her more.
  • The charm. It's weird but Adele has the kind of smile that just lights up a room and even her laugh is musical. She laughs a lot! And the wit. You just have to watch one of her interviews and you'll see what I mean.
  • The face. Adele has a gorgeous face. Period. 
  • The makeup and the hair. I'm not a very make up person (hate lipstick, how can girls wear that, doesn't it feel heavy on their lips?! o.O) but I love the way she does her eyes, it's sexy and I like sexy.
I could go on, there's so much to say about her or more my opinion of her but I think I made it pretty clear already. We <3 Adele!

Here's one of my favourites, I have so many but here's one and only :

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