November 4, 2012

Reading reeks of sexiness!

Books make me happy

Books are amazing and reading is sexy! 

I can't say it enough.

When one grabs a book and opens the first page, one embarks on an unknown adventure. You don't just read a book, you live it. A book is a personal thing. It's a one to one relationship between the reader and the book, and a very intimate one for that matter. Not only the book finally but also the author, because the book is always tainted by the author's experience. Always!

As one breezes through the pages one sees things the way the author is projecting them, tainted once again by one's own experience, the imagination being the channel. You feel what the protagonists feel, you get wrapped up in the book, well some books. Some just blow your mind, some leave you breathless, some to nothing more than just annoy you. But a book never leaves one indifferent. One is always changed in some way after reading a book. Maybe it taught you a few new words or it actually made you rethink concepts you hold or ponder upon where you are at that point in time and space in your life.

All in all, I maintain, books are amazing, and reading is sexy!

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