March 6, 2012

A hymn to my old pair of jeans

We all have that one old pair of jeans which defined our teen years. Here's mine:
much loved battered old jeans

Ten years old this year. It also happens to be my favourite pair of jeans.
This is the pair of jeans my dad bought me in some random market when I was thirteen (wasn't torn then, nor that faded). It's also the pair of jeans I was wearing on my first official date and on the first time I had to break up (or was it a dress..., I don't quite remember). I was wearing them for my SC results
It's strange that it still survives because it's been torn, sewed, scratched, loosened, fitted, stained, thrown away, hidden, confiscated, caused controversies, been saved from fire,amongst other things.
In short this is the pair of jeans that has been with me in almost all the key moments of my precious adolescent years and still going strong.
And, and, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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