June 29, 2011

Guardian Angel

dark winged guardian angel
What do you do when your guardian angel turns against you?

No, no, no need to get worried I'm not talking about me. It's just a question that's been on my mind lately. I think the question popped up when I heard some news on the radio about a three year old getting beaten up to death by her mother and another case of a mother forcing the thirteen year old daughter to prostitute because of lack of finance. I was pondering on the state of mind of those kids. Parents are like guardian angels to their babies: protecting, nurturing. What can they do when the same angels turn against them? Now that I think of it, not them but us...
What if my parents hadn't treated me right? I would definitely not be the person I am today. All I can say is I am deeply grateful for my loving and caring parents, family and friends. I wouldn't be much without them. My heart goes out to those tiny defenseless creatures left at the mercy of the one supposed to care for them but who's suddenly turned evil. I wish that some other angel more powerful notices their sorrow and mends their broken hearts or their own guardian angels turn towards light...

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