April 21, 2011

Be A Tree

Back when I was a child (15 years of age) , searching for answers for my many questions very often too deep and complicated for my age and repose for my heart and soul... I came across an article in the news papers. I found is so interestingly intriguing that I cut it out and pasted it in my "diary" of that time. Six years later here it goes online on my blog :
green tree drawing

Be a Tree 
by Kapil Kakar
All of us want to make our lives better but often fall short of our desire. In order to succeed, we should first quit desiring. Desire is a manifestation of a craving which we wish to satisfy some day and it creates further expectations from everyone around us. Our actions are small but our expectations are very high.

We react to everything, whether it concerns us or not and if it concerns us, our reactions are totally self-centered. It may not seem like the perfect teacher, but a tree can teach us a lot about life and living. Here's how:
  • Composure: A tree always remains relaxed and calm. It does not oppose anything though it experienced everything. It remains unaffected by strong winds, scorching heat, cold breeze, rain, etc, and firmly and uncomplainingly faces the forces of nature, secure in the knowledge that everything is temporary.

  • Sharing: A tree provides home and shelter for everyone without discriminating between animals and humans or strong  and weak. Birds nest in it, animals eat its fruits, but the tree is happy because others are happy. It is selfless, not expecting any returns for serving others.

  • Introspection:  A tree remains static, meditating on itself in a attempt to realise its creator and grow materially. It silently observes its surroundings and reflects on all that imbibes from outside.

  • Acceptance: A tree does not react to wrong or right but observes everything as a beautiful experience. It accepts everything - predatory animals  or human exploitation - without complaining or being judgemental about it even when pelted with sticks and stones for its fruits.

A tree arouses in us the ability to observe things with a pure mind and relish and rejoice in what we have. In such a position, even the greatest difficulty cannot perturb us. This is actual living.

Back then, little did I know that these words would become my way of living the Experiment of Life. So people let's all be trees in our life.


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