March 6, 2011

Early mornings

For years now, I've heard people say "The world belongs to those who wake up early." Early mornings have always been a difficult time for me. Without my alarm (my mom calling my name a dozen times)  I just cannot wake up... well unless on special occasions.
Finally after 21 years of existence on this planet, I decided to give it a try and see for myself  that is experiment.

Here's what you're gonna need:
  • An alarm clock (I use the one on my phone )
  • An old pair of trainers
  • Dad's old hoodie (you can wear your own if you wish, I like my dad's; makes me feel safe and protected)
  • A long quiet road surrounded by green
  • A willing best friend or any other friend or random stranger who'll walk with you (Special Note: Thank You Babe )
Here are a few observations of the experiment:
Breath-taking Sunrise
breath-taking sunrise a morning in Mauritius
Sunrise :)
Vast Lands
sugarcane fields and hills
Birds evading camera capture
Birds that evaded my lenses
Beautiful sunrise behind palm trees
Palm trees
Fresh air and trees
Breath of fresh air
Oasis of water
New perspective of an oasis
A new Perspective
Pond of water
Conclusion of Experiment
I totally agree. The world does belong to those who wake up early to see Mother Nature at her best. Most importantly you seize the day and take control instead of stumbling into it and it taking you on a ride. My advice: wake up early and go for morning walks. It's a sure investment not only short term but also long term. It's the gift of good health to yourself. ;)

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