November 14, 2010

Driving simplified

I've been digging my mind on what should my first post be about as first impressions are the only impressions.
Talking of firsts, I had my first official driving lesson today (something I've avoided like the plague until now). Yay me!!!
Here's the story of how it all happened.
I was peacefully in the kitchen peeling carrots for a dish of fried rice when I was summoned to go driving!!!! -.-''
My initial reaction was to deny of course, 'cause that's how I react to things. After some persuading and being kicked out of the kitchen, I went to my "driving teacher" making him promise that he won't shout and we set off. As it turns out... driving has nothing genius about it. It's just a series of steps that need to be coordinated. All it needs is some getting used to.
Here's a flowchart:

how to drive flowchart

And here's what I learnt more:
  • The clutch and the accelerator are mutually exclusive .
  • The brakes and the accelerator are also mutually exclusive.
  • To know if you are in the required area you need to be able to see the white line . (How about roads where there are no white lines? :O )
With that...Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. nice the flowchart xD .. lol

    and nice intro as well : simple & complicated xD

  2. it was nothing close to easy for my first time >_<


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